What Really Attracts Women: What You Got Sparky

Geplaatst op 02-04-2024

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What have you got to give?

What makes you valuable to her?

How can you gain significance in social settings?

It can be tough for a guy in the 21st century to get his head around what is REALLY expected of him. For women it is remarkable clear what they need to do to attract woman – Look good, show a little skin and act provocative.

Besides, women are already great at this, theyv been trained at this art for years! Attracting men comes naturally for woman and they seem to flock like ducks to water at the chance to creatively add to this attraction via jewellery and clothes.


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However the same cannot be said for men. We just don’t seem to understand what it really is that attracts woman to us. What can we do as men to increase our attractiveness to the opposite sex? Luckily we DO know what women want and mystery is not such a mystery when you start to look back through the ages.

In the animal kingdom the male performs some sort of ritual or dance to impress upon the women that he is worthy of her attention. He may have the brightest feathers or he may have built the biggest or neatest nest. But what does this have in common with today’s busy and complicated lifestyle?

Well not much has changed as far as female and male attraction as this is based on some core emotional drivers. You may falsely assume some character traits are what’s causing female attraction and this is easy to do but there are only a few things you need to look at.

How well do you outwardly show independence.

This means, do you stay on your own two feet, do you provide for yourself, in social situations do you stand up for yourself.

Do you treat her like you treat your mom

Despite what movies have lead you to believe woman do not want to be wrapped in cotton wool. Its what they think they want but actually they want their emotions pushed and pulled. They want to be swept of their feet and thrown around a bit – safe in the arms of a dominant alpha male – safe in the knowledge that they are protected and their offspring’s survival is certain.

What Really Attracts Women - What You Have To Do

It all comes down to how you act and how you communicate with women, how you present yourself and how you interact no only with her but more importantly with other people. How she perceives you is of vital importance and this will depend upon your standings within the social group.

Do what you have to do to increase your standings within the group you are in whether it be at work or when you go out to bars. Men have many ways of doing this and the more confidence you have of your own ability the easier it will be. Men use physical presence (working out), humour (controlling conversation), Money (status and power) and a myriad of amazing other ways to impress upon women that they are dominant.

This may sound somewhat of a vague instruction however you now understand that there are many ways to impress women and one route will not always be the best for you. If you are naturally geeky then become the physical dominant male in a club would not be a great idea. Instead you could gain significance through a university degree or invention that earns you royalties and fame.